Old Soul, Michael Channel, Unicorn and Pattern-Breaker


(4/2/15) Update:   NEW, NEW, NEW!

Check out Rebekah’s parallel lives story, just available on the SOUL GPS page, under HOMEWORK 3.

Much love to everyone –   Carol

(3/18/15) Update:  Today, I added A SHORT HISTORY to the last section, GOING TO THE EDGE. This provides background for the upcoming session, looking back at my first presentation in April, 2012. This is bonus material – check it out if you feel interested.

(3/12/15) Update:  All the videos are up now. I didn’t make the 5-6 minutes long goal, but they are all under 10 min. I’m sure nobody is surprised, haha. There is just one bit of text needed – the Short History, a look at my first session at the 2012 Gathering. It will be in place shortly. Enjoy your “homeplay.” (I’ve renamed homework, because we all hate the word work, don’t we?)

(3/9/15) Update:  I’m nearly there! I’ve added a lot of material over the past few days. The final pieces are 5 short videos; you may notice placeholders for them as you poke around the site. I am preparing the graphics for those now, so the videos will appear shortly. I plan to record them all in one session, and none will be longer than 5-6 minutes. When I finish these last pieces, I’ll make an announcement. 

(2/28/15) Update:  I have a tiny bit of the homework up now. You can get started with the first two sections of Homework 1 – Game of Life & Energy Transition. There will be an introductory video added to the very first section as well.  I’ve had a bit of learning curve on videos, but I’m having great fun figuring this out. Thanks for your patience. I intend to have everything up by March 10.   THANKS!



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Session for Seven Oaks Gathering, 2015

(Initial description of session)

Michael, channeled by Carol Heideman, 1/28/15


We are most pleased to breathe life into a new collaboration between you who are reading this, and ourselves. Please be reminded that we are working together in the crevices of time and space, spanning dimensions and vibrational boundaries. This project is what you would call “cutting-edge” within the Universe. Together, we hope to create new pathways, new possibilities, new choices – broadening the network available for soul expansion. Never forget that this expansion is the penultimate goal of consciousness in the Universe. And so, let us grow together with this work.

There is a directional shift at this point; we wish to make this clear to you so there is no confusion or dismay. Words and charts have been useful and productive, but we now propose moving into a new type of communication and sharing between the dimensions. Oddly, this new direction in the teaching is simultaneously broader and yet more personalized and precise. The best metaphor is to imagine a shift from reading newspapers 100 years ago to using the modern-day offerings of your Internet; a widened breadth of information is easily available, yet it is simple to pinpoint the exact information needed or desired. This is a significant change. We want say this very forcefully. We repeat: THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT CHANGE.

As with all changes, there will be some resistance. Of course, what we propose is freely offered with no insistence on acceptance. We believe this collaboration, a new “Spiritual Internet” – to be sufficiently delightful that “Resistance is Futile.”

What next? Let us elaborate. There is preparation to be done in advance of a session to be held at your next Gathering. Many are already preparing. We are providing a curriculum of sorts for Carol to make available for those who wish to join the fun. The “homework” will not be restrained to written material; it will venture into film, music, personal stories on YouTube, and more. Shared familiarity with certain concepts and ideas will smooth the progress within the actual session.

The session itself will be interactive – not a lecture or dissemination of concepts. It is NOT learning about a game: it IS actual gameplay. One major component for the session is that everyone attending will be enveloped in an “energy bubble” that will accelerate and amplify the event. Holding the energy is Carol’s primary job during the session, and she will require assistance from others as well. This is no problem, as we have already begun to establish and create this. We anticipate the most significant boost in the session intensity will come from avid preparation by the participants. Work is underway to make that “homework” highly magnetic and enjoyable.

Be aware that this session is a stretch for many participants. Metaphorically speaking, this session is far from grade-school level, nor even high school level. We are raising the bar. Participation requires at minimum what we will call a spiritual collegiate level – and it is actually more in the spiritual post-grad zone. A few of you are more than ready, many will require minimal prep to become ready, with another fairly large number who will need to stretch themselves into full involvement. The process requires participants who love and trust one another; it needs a largely cohesive group with the ability to accept and allow differences without fragmenting into schisms.

You have been building this group for a very long time, drawing yourselves together for many decades in this lifetime, and countless other lifetimes as well. The machine is fully constructed, with myriad parts and pieces in place. The energized session is when your engine, your machine – will spring to life. The preparatory information provides mental and emotional structure, plus an awareness of the process. This knowledge enables a conscious level of syncing. In short, it provides a framework to exercise your group energy with one another. The homework is important.

What is the homework about? There are a few significant topic areas, detailed below. The concepts are interlocking, like puzzle pieces – but this may not be apparent at first. As you start to connect one piece to another, a larger pattern will form. These homework pieces provide the edges, the corners of the puzzle. The homework also explains how to “see” the pieces, how to recognize when they fit together. Then, within that larger structure, each individual adds his or her personal pieces of the puzzle.

Any jigsaw puzzle enthusiast can tell you how to build your puzzle – start with the outside, and then move on to distinct, recognizable structures within the whole. The multi-colored pieces where highly contrasting colors meet are often valuable in the middle stage. Lastly, the one-color pieces that all look alike become the connective tissue that pulls it all together. The concepts and topics within the homework provide the outside edges of this puzzle. During the actual session, we (and all of you) seek to begin a big SORT, to find and connect the distinct pieces held by everyone involved.

Shifting our puzzle metaphor back to the school metaphor, the homework is like an array of prerequisite courses that enable a higher degree of enjoyment and successful participation. Without the knowledge from a prerequisite course, confusion and frustration tend to occur. Plus, the homework serves to shift the participants from passive to active, which is an important component at this stage. Finally, we have widely used coded messages within the homework material, no matter the source. Some codes are like alarm clocks; some are like magnets. Some are singular and work for just one person, while other codes draw entire groups together.

Please understand, there are many layers within the homework, cunningly stacked together with efficiency and precision. Many of you desire to observe the inner workings and craftsmanship of our project, and so these details will reveal themselves to you over time. Some of the historical aspects of the homework have to do with this.