Channeling:  The Basics

(excerpt from Chapter 13, SEARCHING FOR LIGHT by Carol Heideman, 1994)


In order to move smoothly through upcoming years, each of you need to develop a strong connection to your Higher Self and your other guides. One aspect of energy work is learning how to open to these higher energies. Over time, as you gain information and experience, you will find yourself channeling whatever information you need to move through a lesson or situation. Each person reading this book has guides waiting, available to assist you whenever you open to their energy. These guides will not push their way into your consciousness; you must willingly invite the energy, so there is nothing to fear about this process. Our purpose is to provide enough knowledge of the techniques and the sensations of the process to allow you to “plug in” easily and smoothly.

Higher guidance is your goal, and high guides have a particular feeling or way of doing things that is easily recognized. Much like sex education teachers on your planet, we guides must use great care to provide appropriate information at the best time, without ruining things by giving you too much, too soon. Our primary guideline is to offer helpful information without overly-influencing your choices and decisions. High guides are not interested in controlling your actions or judging your behavior. High guides will not tell you what you “should” do, except in the context of “If you want this outcome, this choice will tend to move you in that direction.” If you ever accidently get connected to a lower energy, you can easily recognize the difference. Any energy that seeks to scare you by making a wild, frightening prediction is not the higher guidance you seek. We are not speaking of “evil entities” – just energies operating from fear. Don’t even bother to tell this kind to “go away,” as that is attention which continues to feed it energy and keeps it around longer. Without acknowledging the lower energy anymore, simply intend to connect with the highest guidance possible. There is nothing you need to learn right now from these fearful beings.

There is a simple technical reason for interference of this sort: between you and your high guides is a layer of choppy, erratic energy on the Astral Plane. This is where souls go between incarnations, regardless of how evolved they are. For this reason, the “garbage” information that new channels tend to get, comes from the messy energy on the Astral Plane. This erratic energy, coming from very young souls with only a few lifetimes of experience, works like static interference on the radio. It hinders clear reception of the energy from higher sources. In order to get a strong connection to your guides, you must learn to take your personal energy higher, stretching beyond the static of the Astral Plane. Channeling is really like being an extension cord, bringing the energy from the wall to the lamp where it’s needed. The difficulty for your guides is this: How do they teach you to reach them until you’ve already figured out how to reach them? Their solution has often been to use a trusted older soul who is currently on the Astral Plane as a middleman, who then transmits the information from a lower position that can more easily reach you. Of course, there is more static interference in this situation, until you learn how to modulate your energy into a pattern that plugs into the high guides directly.

During the initial phase of the connecting process, the information itself may be questionable at times due to the static affecting the Quality of the reception. Don’t worry if you sometimes get garbled or overly simplistic answers. At this point, your goal is to get whatever answers you can with whatever technique seems to work best. The process and system is being “installed,” and you are not yet operating at full capacity. Expect a period of a few weeks to a few months to complete this phase. Your guides will move you along at the fastest pace possible, without jolting you with anything that will frighten you. A playful attitude is best Lower energies are drawn to fear and pain much more than joy and playfulness. Having fun is your best defense against “junk” energies.

There are a variety of channeling methods and techniques. Some will immediately be more magnetic to you, but feel free to try each type as an experiment. Most channels find that certain methods give certain types of information more clearly. Among the various ways to channel that we present, you will likely find more than one that is easy for you. Most musicians find that proficiency on one instrument leads to easily developed skillfulness on other instruments. If you have several channeling techniques to choose from, you can use whichever type best suits the situation or the question. For many of you, there is a need for a very well developed intuitive ability. Some of you will even be teaching this type of information to others, so you need a well-rounded understand¬ing of all areas and methods.

Now for some technical information about channeling: You need energy flowing smoothly into certain parts of your body to receive the energy and transform it into some form of answer. Because the information travels on your own internal energy system, you must have strong energy flow to certain areas of your system to use certain forms of channeling. For instance, pendulums and dowsing rods require only minimal energy moving to the hands from the fourth chakra. Some channeling methods require that the energy move in a pattern, operating in two areas in an alternating fashion, (e.g. Automatic writing requires energy in the hand (fourth chakra) and in the brain (seventh chakra). If you have difficulty with a method, observe your energy system and be sure you have clear pipelines to the required areas.

Your high guides are seeking to use minimal amounts of energy in their work with you. Many new channels marvel at the delicacy of the energy. In fact, most of you have actually been channeling for many years. You just never recognized that the soft little feeling, image or voice was not your own. As you quiet your own noisy thought processes, you begin to sense the different feeling of your guides’ energy. Knowing how to meditate is not a requirement in order to channel, however the ability to quiet your mind can speed the connecting phase. Tip: If you already meditate, don’t go all the way into a deep meditation. Your goal is to reach silence, rather than nothingness. You need to stay aware enough to receive the answers or information.