Let’s move into Earth’s current energy transition. Below are several links to various sources with different explanations. The simplest explanation is to talk DIMENSIONS: Earth is moving from a 3D/4D environment into a 5th Dimensional condition. For those of you who have studied higher dimensions, you understand the difficult task of explaining 5D to someone with a 3D perspective. The only manner to study a higher dimension is by looking at the shadows it throws into the lower dimensions. For this reason, we are calling the assorted and varied descriptions “Shadow Tales”. 

This transition is a complete planetary shift, rather than a personal shift only. One metaphor (used by Paxton Robey and others) posits Earth as a school, speaking of your planet changing from a high school into a university. Some Shadow Tales provide details of the shift progression, the mechanics of things in a way. You may feel very aligned to descriptions of crystalline grids and other specialized terms, but it’s fine if you are not drawn to that. Please look for the underlying energy of each explanation; find one or more that make sense to you, if you can. 

In addition to the Shadow Tales, please be aware of another component: a massive Timeline Merge has also occurred very recently. There were two significant probabilities: one for a major Timeline Nexus (a split, leading to two widely differing outcomes), and the second for the more unusual Timeline Merge. The outcome was the Merge, determined by an “energy vote” by every ensouled being on your planet.  The Timeline Merge required both Timelines involved to be at compatible vibration levels. This was accomplished by great successes with the grid-building process, which elevated the lower vibration Timeline World. The Merge is still “breaking news”, occurring just weeks ago, in early January, 2015. More about this in the final section of your homework.

Below we have provided many links to assorted information, most of it from an array of different channels and their guides. Please be reminded that the variance from one tale to another is intentional from the non-physical guides and teachers. Feel free to ignore any that do not speak to you, or even portions of the material that don’t work for you. Also note that the dates quite often go back to around 2012, which was a starting point of sorts. At that time, the higher energies began to enter Earth, like the starting gun for a very, very long marathon. It is a time worth denoting, but we find that significant and noticeable shifts are beginning to be felt about now. Please recall that Universal Scale is massive, and your time on Earth is short in comparison.

As always, feel free to expand on any information provided here. Roam around the internet for more, go in depth with a particular guide/channel that inspires you. Higher guides have been dousing Earth with great variety of creative ways to awaken the souls of Earth. Many of you requested to be called, and since your eyes are clearly open, look all around. It’s a fascinating time to be ensouled.




Two selections from an extensive animated video collection, made by a team of awakened Old souls in young bodies.




THE SHIFT —What it is… Why it’s Happening… How it’s Going to Affect You and The Mastering of Alchemy by JIM SELF

This free e-book from 2009 provides a more energy-focused look at Earth’s transition. If you like it, you may want to purchase Jim’s 2013 book “What Do You Mean the Third Dimension Is Going Away? (Available in paperback and e-book, on the channel’s website and on Amazon.) The MASTERING ALCHEMY website has other free content to browse, including audio recordings.


THE SHIFT free e-book:



Here is another flavor of information from higher guidance; notice the very different tone and energy to the material. This is purposeful, intended to appeal to a different audience. The two linked items (below and to the right) are somewhat related in topic, and were both channeled over a short period late last year. There is some reference to the magnetic grid; research that and other unfamiliar terms as your interest or need dictates.





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