Everybody hold hands as we head out together into new terrain! There are five sections in your homework, each focusing on a different topic area. The goal is for everyone to be familiar with the concepts presented. There is new Michael info and terminology here, however not everything is from Michael.  

Some items will be simple written information, several are links to audio or books. Feel free to wander around the material, as Michael keeps telling me that sequence is not so important, except for the introductory video (to the right) and the very first segment (see below).

You may already be familiar with some of the material. However, watch for unfamiliar information and ideas – even just a tidbit here or there. The homework serves to synchronize us, through shared concepts and vocabulary, smoothing the way as we maneuver and engage in soul gameplay.

Plus, even if you cannot attend the session, feel free to enjoy the homework. Have fun!





1 – The Game of Life on Earth

A. Game of Life & Introductory Video

B. Energy Transition

C. 5D Attributes

2 – Personal Energy in 5D

A. Your 5D Energy

B. Manifesting

3 – Soul GPS

4 – Soul Teams

5 – Going to the Edge


(From MICHAEL, as channeled by Carol Heideman, 2/25/15)

Here you are, moving through your life day by day. Each of you with a mental structure in your consciousness regarding what life means, what YOUR life means. Even those who have decided it all means nothing have built that construct into their inner world. As Michael students, you have all been quite active architects; you have spent years building elaborate and intricate structures of meaning, each unique and personal. We applaud this effort, and it is not our wish to dismantle that which you have constructed. However, a little renovation can be invigorating, if you feel inclined.

We offer our perspective on this topic from our stance in the non-physical realm – a viewpoint that may align with your perspective or may challenge what you believe. Our only request is that you ingest our offerings with neutrality, reserving your judgment until you can see our full picture. The various parts and components pull together into a cohesive unit that is much more worthy of your evaluation. At that time, we encourage your scrutiny and possible rejection of some aspects within the whole. This is the Good Work of which we speak in our earlier messages.

In the title of this section, we refer to Life on Earth as a GAME. This is our primary metaphor for much of this transmission. Metaphor is the most useful tool in our arsenal for helping you (the compressed amnesiac that you are within your physical form!) to remember aspects of non-physical consciousness. Describing your life as a game is NOT intended to imply a frivolous, trivial or shallow viewpoint. It purposefully DOES imply a sense of ease and lightness. Laughter and serious Truth can easily coexist; many souls prefer the combination for it softens resistance, and reduces the discomfort that comes with struggle.

So, what is the Game of Life on Earth? It is about three layers of gameplay: Choice, Exploration, and Creativity/Expansion. These are the reasons for all forays into the physical realm, but not everyone is working with all three at this time. When these three come together, you have a magic triangulation – the sum much greater than the parts, all aspects working together with synergetic consequences. You develop your abilities and skill at Choosing, layering on Exploration before coming to Creative Expansion, where all three can be in play at the same time. Let us elaborate on each individual aspect.

Level 1: CHOICE

Earth is a Free Will Planet. As we have said before “All is Choice.” Be aware that some souls use Earth primarily for learning to choose. Every soul here is working with Choice, but not all desire to use one or both of the other two.


We can best describe this component as a desire to experience all that is available. It is a compelling desire to know and do everything. It is much like making sure to visit every section of Disneyland and ride every ride. Earth is currently of high interest to those working with this element because of its current unique energetic state, at the precipice of planetary energy transformation. Many are here on the planet at this time just to experience this transformation, to check this rollercoaster off their list of rides.

In an aside, Grand Tours are completed by various essences as they work with Exploration, but not every world involves Free Will. It is uncommon but possible for a soul to Explore with very little use of Choice. It is more common for souls to Explore in combination with Choice.


Please note the two conceptual words used for a singular concept here –they are branches of a single tree. It can mean new things done with old tools, or new ways to do old actions. Creative Expansion provides new experiences for Explorers, and new possibilities for Choosers.

The third side of our magic triangle involves a boundary that can be stretched to a new place. Edges found during Exploration are necessary to the Level 3 process. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic – all types of limits are ripe for probing and experimentation. Creative Choices take place at the Edge, and the Universe contains something new. Level 3 novices stretch personal boundaries, while experts like you seek to stretch larger group energy  edges, even planetary energy boundaries and larger.


If you are reading this, you are part of a long-term group effort seeking to add to the Universe, to expand All That Is into MORE. It is a thrilling creative venture that spans eons and many worlds, and you can activate conscious involvement if you wish.

There is a vast mechanism at work in Time/Space that operates on a grand scale. The movement of your planets within your solar system demonstrates the mechanism on a smaller scale. Your astrologers and astronomers can observe and predict alignments of the planets and stars in your heavens, along with the energies of those configurations. In addition to planetary alignments, energy and growth occur in cycles, and these have significant transition points where the energy shifts.

Right now, Earth is the epicenter for a very rare and intense collection of simultaneous energy alignments and cyclic transition points. Many aspects of this extraordinary time are from outside your current dimensional viewpoint, and are fairly impossible to explain or describe to you. For this reason, there are widely varied “Shadow Tales” coming to you from various non-physical teachers and the channels who work with them. We will explore this more in the next section.

We seek at this moment to remind you of your powerful desire to be here NOW, to join into this opportunity – the Grand Experiment. The energy is pouring into Earth right now, bringing back your knowledge and skills from other worlds and other dimensions. If you wish, your “soul amnesia” can be discarded and replaced with all the knowledge you have stored within your Higher Self back at Home. We invite you to take your consciousness online and KNOW all that you want or need to know at any time, so you can play this Game of Life at full capacity.

We are here at your request to awaken you.


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