UPDATE, 5/27/15: This portion of the information is aimed specifically toward those attending my session at the April, 2015 East Coast Michael Students Gathering, held at Seven Oaks Retreat in Virginia. At some point, I may provide a synopsis of what occurred during that session. It was an unusual and unique experience for me, as well as for those attending.


How do you prepare for the upcoming session at the Seven Oaks Gathering?

What exactly is going to happen during the session?

OK, let’s get ready.  The final video (9:02 min.) is to the right.


Plus, since this upcoming session is Part 2, you can read a short synopsis (below) of what occurred at Part 1, back in April, 2012.

Final note: If you are perplexed by anything in the homework, let me know. If I can answer your question, I will – HOWEVER, be forewarned that Michael is highly likely to have me send you off to figure it out for yourself. This is where the “grad school” metaphor comes in. It seems that Michael wants everyone logged onto the spiritual internet! It is an excellent choice if you create study groups or help one another in any other manner.

See you at Seven Oaks!


Photo by Martha Waters


Background for Following the Energy Thread

by Carol Heideman


To fully grasp the journey into my session for the 2015 Gathering, I’m going back to 2012. The roots of this year’s session go back to my first session, at my first Gathering. Some of you reading this were there; some were not. In either case, this little history lesson serves to show how intricate, long-term plans come together. To keep this very short, I am not going into every little detail nor naming every person involved. Let’s look at the bigger picture by looking back.

At Home, Before the Gathering
I’m going to allow my experience to unfold for you as it did for me. I did the session on that afternoon; then, I spent the next day on a treasure hunt – moving from person to person, hearing their experiences, getting my questions answered, and seeing the pattern form. It was very exciting. So for this little essay, I will simply describe what happened first, and then move on to what I learned later. I imagine that some of you may have more pieces to add to the puzzle, even now, 4 years later. Please share if you do.

Michael provided very little information about the session to me upfront. I knew there were several layers – but I was on a need-to-know basis about many things. Michael gave me three talking points, in a sequence of sorts. These points were: my history, current state, time to shift. I knew that everything else required would come in the moment, during the actual session.

At Seven Oaks, Before the Session
This was the first Gathering that Mike and I ever attended. Almost everyone was new to us, although not really, as we’ve all experienced the instant familiarity that is apparent with our group. In the days before I was to lead the session, I was directed by Michael to connect with specific people; I was to ask if they were coming to my session, and, if so, would they pay special attention during the session and please act on anything that came to them to assist me. It seemed like I was saying coded things, awakening people to the significance of the event.

Immediately before the session, I found myself hooked up to Amina’s Tesla Machine, with intense (and humorous) results. I became Puppet Girl, with arms and legs flopping and twitching about, not randomly but sequentially. This was, apparently, very unlike the usual response. It made me giggle uncontrollably. Not scary, but fun. Hmm.

The Session: What I Experienced
Things were different from the very beginning of the session. Michael had not suggested to me how to start the session. I was just there, waiting for a message regarding how to proceed. As folks entered the room and sat down, I stood at the front and simply “tasting” the energy of the room, listening for any whiff of something, anything. People were chatting, and it was a bit noisy. Michael suggested that I go stand quietly on a chair, and wordlessly wait. I have never seen that done before by anyone, and had certainly never done it myself. But it worked great. The room quieted quickly, and I had everyone’s attention.

The first order of business was to re-shape the seating into a circle. I requested everyone find the spot that felt best, even if it wasn’t his/her “usual” spot. We did that. If I recall correctly, we even did it a second time. I stood within that circle as I spoke – talking first about my history with Michael, about the many Michael group meetings we held in Dallas over many years, and about how Ed had “found” me recently, leading me to be there in that moment. All of this time, I walked about inside the circle as I spoke.

In my recall of the session, things are already very fuzzy for me at this point. You see, I was more altered during that session in 2012 than ever before, going deeper than I’d ever experienced. So, this part is not lengthy because I only have a few recollections. Please understand that this does not surprise me nor freak me out; the events I experience while channeling always fade quickly, very similar to how dreams can be vivid before fading from your mind. So, I only have flashes of certain things after this point.

Back to the circle, me in the center, rounding topic 2, then heading into topic 3. I spoke of planetary energy speeding up and our Grand Plan for this time, using the metaphor of an orchestra gathering for a concert. I spoke of how we needed to tune our instruments and show up ready to play, to not just sit in the audience as listeners. I spoke of how we each needed to connect to our own higher guidance, without depending on channels for all information.

Sometime in this part, I recall shifting from moving around the INSIDE of the circle to walking around the OUTSIDE. I recall saying something about the channel no longer being in the center, supporting instead from the outside as we each do our own work, get our own information. And, significantly, I recall feeling immensely powerful. I felt massive and strong, like a sumo wrestler. I remember a funny thought flashing through my mind at that time – an image of myself as the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. This sensation was a completely new experience for me – it had never occurred before that time, and has not happened again since. I knew something powerful was happening on an energy level, but had no details about it. Very intriguing.

The next morning, I learned from Mike that, around this time, I stopped behind someone nodding off while seated on the floor. I tapped this person’s shoulder without even looking down. The person woke up, people across the circle saw it and giggled, things moved on. There was more to this than it appeared. I still don’t remember one bit of this. More later on what was really going on.

I remember a little more from the end of the session. It very purposefully ended on an ambiguous, somewhat chaotic note. After saying something about “think for yourself, take care of your own needs, etc.”, then I just stopped talking. There was a minor verbal dust-up between two attendees. I later learned was part of the plan, interestingly enough!

I felt like I was about to pop, still feeling so full of energy, needing to be grounded. I needed to get to my husband Mike, who is the rock tied to my balloon string. One of the dust-up players came to me, worried about causing a problem. Another session attendee appeared almost magically, took over handling the situation, allowing me to get to Mike and “deflate”. I floated around for hours, feeling both high energy but physical exhaustion. I “knew” the session had been very, very successful; I just didn’t know what had really happened.

After the Session
Here is where I will be glossing over the details of my treasure hunt. I spent much of the next day gathering the various experiences of those who helped me with the session. I would hear something from one person, which would trigger a question for another person, and on I traipsed, gathering answers like prizes. It was a wonderful day, full of raised eyebrows and amazement. I recall that day with a smile.

Now we go straight to the results of what I learned about events during the session. I believe you will see clear correlation to the upcoming session at the 2015 Gathering.

Session Explained
The energy bubble took preparation from many individuals. Prior to the session, several different individuals had fully energized the space where it was held. All spoke to me about how this idea had popped into their minds, and they all acted on it. I now know that Amina’s Tesla Machine had cleaned out my chakras, with extra help from Michael piggy-backing onto that energy. That’s one reason my response to the Tesla Machine was so strong, so unusual. I was primed to bring in more energy than ever before in my life.

All the helpers said they received very clear instructions on where to sit; several were aware of energy calibrating and adjusting during the session. Complex and intricate energy amplification had been created. At that time, my chakra system was pretty small. (My new chakra system came along later, a plot twist from last year’s Gathering. A tale for another day, perhaps….) But on that day, serious amplification was needed for my energy output.

How did that work? In explanation of this concept, Michael showed me this image: the session group encased in a rounded bubble-shaped grid, similar to a spider’s web with lights at each intersection. I later learned the term for this visual is Indra’s Net. This energy structure is a version of the planetary grids in use today, but in a room-sized formation. Some of my assistants are very powerful energy workers, and they were adding energy as well. This was the method of amplification.

Remember the tap on the shoulder of the napping participant? Well, that’s an interesting tidbit – it’s all about bandwidth. It turns out that person was one of my helpers, and here’s what he experienced. He told me, “I had all these things come into my mind that needed to be said. I was just about to stand up and say them, when you touched my shoulder – and then you said them.” Oh.

Here’s what happened there: Michael explained to me as a solution to a downloading issue. If you’ve ever had to wait when the downloading speed is not as fast as your video is playing, there’s the issue in a nutshell. So my helper had downloaded it for me, and it transmitted to me with a tiny touch to the shoulder. This allowed my spoken channeling to flow without a pause. Fascinating.

And what about that little dust-up at the end? Michael explained this as a way to “seal” the energy and information into everyone’s physical forms. Just a tiny little adrenaline hit is enough to do this. The intense energy bubble contained much more than the words I was speaking. When we experience non-physical energy, it dissipates quickly unless we seal it into the physical. As one helper pointed out, it was an interesting use of so-called “negative” energy (anger/frustration) for a positive result. Observers to the dust-up were surprised at the turn of events, enough to get a little shot of adrenaline. And the helper who rescued me told me he was waiting for his cue, alert and ready to jump into action. It was a planned reaction. Everything that occurred was part of our plan.

Upcoming Session
Here’s how I see the 2012 session relating to the upcoming 2015 session:

  • Not knowing what will happen is OK.
  • Chaos is OK, and may not be chaos after all.
  • We don’t need to know much up front in order to play.
  • Helpers and teammates will show up – even those we don’t know about.
  • We are ready for the next step, and this time we are more awake.
  • We already know what the energy bubble feels like.
  • Current planetary energies make this energy bubble much easier to build.
  • This is the next logical step.