(from Michael, channeled by Carol Heideman, 3/4/15)

This is a big subject, and you are likely somewhat familiar with it. However, in order to put your Game of Life play into high gear, you need great ability and understanding of this topic. Add to this the influx of new intense planetary energy, and realize it’s time to clean up your manifesting issues now.

No matter what you know on this subject, it’s time to go back to the basics. Manifesting is never fully mastered while on the physical plane, we notice, so refreshing your knowledge is helpful. The protective time lag in the Physical Plane can make it difficult to connect your current state with your earlier energy state, but that lag is shortening – so time to clean up your vibration.

You MUST plug any gaping holes in your behavior. The oldest and largest holes can be the trickiest to repair, since they are often deeply-ingrained habits that almost seem part of your very personality. Also, be aware that societal norms can influence you as well; often the better response from an energy standpoint can look very strange when compared against the so-called “nice” behavior expected by most of the world. It’s time to ponder what helping others really looks like in a vibrational sense.

Higher guidance can have specialties, as the team of Abraham and Esther Hicks demonstrates. For many years, they have made masses of content available on the topic of manifesting. We have made some selections to get you started (or to refresh what you already know).

Finally, please seek to bring the special terminology used by Abraham Hicks into your full comprehension, as it will be helpful as your group moves into actual building of your Soul Teams. Resources of all types need to be manifested – even the coming together of the players into their teams. Manifesting finances is good, but it is much more than that.

Manifesting skill is the key to the easiest future pathways, the ones with the most interesting and compelling outcomes.


Esther Hicks

Here’s an array of excellent material from Abraham Hicks (all from the YouTube channel of zmahoon.)


  • Practice the habit of aligned thinking, 13:02
  • Why is enlightenment so hard, 2:17
  • Appreciation is better than meditation, 5:33
  • I’m going to love you, which means I’m going to ignore you, 12:11
  • Meditation  is better than a lobotomy, 12:01


You are on a roll!

This video prize expresses some of what the higher dimensions feel like – except in that realm, you actually can dance with your personal energy. Notice the lovely geometric forms. Relax and remember the sensation of HOME.

Next up, SOUL GPS.


Soul GPS