Power Auras

(excerpt from Chapter 13, SEARCHING FOR LIGHT by Carol Heideman, 1994)


Generally, an aura is defined as the radiant energy around a physical form, visible to those with the ability to see energy. Power Aura refers to one particular spectrum within the aura as a whole. For those who can see auras, the Power Aura is yellow. Depending on your way of viewing auras, you might need to “change channels” to isolate the Power Aura. It is modulated through the Third Chakra. (If you are confused by any energy terminology used here, refer to Section Three, Chapter 12, Energy Basics.) It is not necessary to see auras to work with the Power Aura. You need only visualize it (picture it in your mind’s eye), making size adjustments as needed. The Power Aura is a glow of yellow light surrounding your body. It may be so flat that you can barely see it; it may be as big as a room. Use of the Power Aura provides you with a simple, non-judgmental way to observe and adjust your interactions with others. Instead of trying to change and monitor each daily action, you can work from the energy level and set your Power Aura at the desired size.

Humans strive for contact. Touching personal energies is the most intense form of contact available to most humans. (For those with special energy skills, other types of contact are possible, but most people are working on getting their energies to touch.) Once you understand that humans are seeking to “rub their Power Auras together,” you can then make sense out of some odd human behavior. Why does an abused woman stay with the husband who beats her, even at risk to her life? Why does a man intensely pursue a woman, and then drop her once she falls in love with him? Why do some people (male or female) always fall in love with the most emotionally unavailable person they can find? Why do so many adults have difficulty dealing with their parents? Why are two-year olds so hard to handle? When observing the Power Auras in these situations, you set aside judgment of who is “right” and who is “wrong.” You can perceive the relationships as pure energy, and make desired changes from the energy level.

Here are some examples of different types of relationships and what the Power Auras might look like in their interactions:

Strangers and Acquaintances: Both people in this relationship have flat to moderate Power Auras, so that nobody touches anybody else. In public, it is generally accepted to “pull in” your Power Aura. Even so, you will often notice people who have an air of authority or importance about them; these people have more of their Power Aura poking out. A police officer, for example, often needs to do this. Usually, as two people move into a friendship, their Power Auras will subtly expand until some boundary is created.

Bully/Victim: The Victim has a very flat Power Aura; the Bully has a large Power Aura. Don’t be fooled by the names, as both individuals share equally in creating and keeping this type of interaction. The Victim feels the Bully is the only type of person he/she can get really close to. Others with small Power Auras do not “touch” the Victim. The Bully has found someone whose aura doesn’t resist, which feels more comfortable than the constant power struggles in the rest of his/her life. For both, this relationship is a “perfect fit” which works until the Bully inevitably pushes beyond whatever small aura the Victim has. In childhood, the Victim never learned how to extend the Power Aura safely. The Third Chakra may be significantly closed off, restricting the energy flow available to boost the Power Aura. Even if the Victim gets the energy out into the Power Aura, further expansion of Power energy is blocked by the habitually over-extended Power Aura of their partner, the Bully. Both lack the ability to adjust the boundary of their Power Auras.

Chaser/Runner: The Chaser and the Runner have the same type of Power Aura; both simultaneously seek and fear having true contact with another person, but each is in a different phase. The Chaser has a Power Aura that expands only until it touches someone, then it retreats back into the smaller “safety zone.” The Runner stays in a defensive posture, with the Power Aura pulled back but ready to expand if nobody is pursuing. When these two types come together, a perfectly balanced “dance” occurs as they exchange roles and chase each other back and forth. Another shared quality is that both have very frail Power Auras that cannot withstand any pressure from another aura; these people know how to move the aura in and out, but they don’t know how to safely hold a solid boundary. If cornered, the Runner may “pop” his/her aura out suddenly, pushing others away. This action creates enough space for the Runner to escape, on the run once again. Chaser/Runner relationships are highly volatile, but can be very satisfying to those who are fearful of true energy contact This system creates a tantalizing illusion of intimacy, while maintaining the “safety zone.” For those who wish to make a true energy connection, however, this pattern is tiresome and quite uncomfortable.

Parent/Child: Generally, the Parent has a slightly larger Power Aura than the Child. At times this may be reversed, with the Child controlling the Parent. An infant usually has a small Power Aura that, over time, grows in size as the baby learns independence skills such as walking and talking. At two years old, the child’s Power Aura expands markedly in a very short period of time. Often, the aura gets bigger than the child can handle, but it’s important not to compress the aura too much or the child may never get comfortable with handling a “normal” size Power Aura. As the Child matures, the Parent’s Power Aura is slowly and gently pulled in, allowing the Child to slowly and gently learn how to handle more and more of his/her own energy. In general, conflict between Parent and Child reflects the constant renegotiation of boundaries as the Child grows up. By “conflict,” we simply mean disagreements and negotiations, not necessarily arguments and fights. If there are no differences at all however, everyone may be using flat Power Auras and there is probably very little true emotional contact Ideally, the Parent and Child will achieve well-balanced energies that often touch pleasantly. If an adult Child and the Parent revert to the childhood Power Aura shapes, stress will occur in their adult relationship.

There are more variations than these, and you may also discover combinations of the above patterns. In addition, you should not assume that the relationship style would necessarily fit the names above. For example: a mother/son relationship may follow a Chaser/ Runner pattern, or a husband/wife relationship may follow a Parent/Child pattern.