Time to GET ONLINE and put the Spiritual Internet to use!

This topic is covered in my video on this page. (Video 9:56 min.)


Note: While recording the video, I saw a misspelled word. DRIVES ME CRAZY! Graphics programs do not have Spellcheck, unfortunately.  I am too lazy to re-record the video, and I bet life will go on in spite of it. Oh well…

REBEKAH’S PARALLELS: A Metaphysical Tale

Audio by Rebekah Fairlight

Hear a personal story from one of our fellow Michael students.  Rebekah became aware of a parallel life by hearing about herself from a new acquaintance – except it was a different self! Direct experiences are always interesting and helpful. Many thanks to Rebekah for sharing her fascinating tale. (7:07 long)

How to Manifest Financial Abundance Using a Penny

This short video from Greg Kuhn, Why Quantum Physicists provides a fun exercise in tricking the quantum field, using a penny. Although manifesting appears to be the main topic, we suggest this in this section because it shows how you can use small things to build trust in your SOUL GPS. (5:37 long)

Run Lola Run is an exhilarating German film from 1998 that has a video game feel and flow. Watch Lola explore different timelines, searching for the best possible outcome for her boyfriend Manny.  Film is in German with English subtitles. Available from Netflix and Amazon.  (80 min. long)

The Fifth Sacred Thing is a 1994 fantasy genre novel about a utopian society, written by Starhawk. Characters use reality-shifting as part of the story. Read the reviews on Amazon for more information. Available on Amazon in paperback, as well as Kindle format.


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Time for a pretty song – a simple song, with a message just for you. No deep or complicated metaphors. This is just a reminder you can listen to whenever you want.

The song is Hayling by FC Kahuna.

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