(from Michael, channeled by Carol Heideman, 3/4/15)

Clearly, the Game of Life on Earth is a structure to provide essence interaction. This occurs as both one-on-one and group play. We now suggest the concept of deliberately constructed TEAMS, consisting of souls who are making conscious choices to mesh a variety of talents and skills, drawing themselves together on the basis of shared interests and desires. This is an advanced technique, one that your group has used extensively over thousands of years, historically done by using skillful life-planning and agreements.

At this time, an additional layer of flexibility is needed due to the planetary energy shift. In the past, your group operated more like an orchestra playing a well-rehearsed symphony, each player knowing their part as well as the whole. You mostly followed the musical notations on the pages in front of you, with only occasional deviations. But now, a more dynamic approach is needed – something more akin to jazz than classical music. Energies are faster and more fluid, both personal and planetary. The complexity of the patterns is exponentially increased, which is why we advise use of the Soul GPS to maneuver this twists and turns.

Also, please be aware that each of you planned as much as possible for this time – and you made backup plans for your backup plans! But, today’s energy often requires activation of new plans on the fly. Without connection to your higher guidance, you can easily fall into a sense of chaos. You can anticipate some churn – some projects that appear to take root may then wither and fall apart. This kind of upheaval will be more likely over the next 3 – 5 years; planetary energies are fluctuating strongly in this time frame, plus individuals are testing and practicing with these new energies. Exciting? Yes. Potentially chaotic and confusing? Also, yes.

The current need is to build teams, even leagues if you wish. The upcoming session is an initial sort, an initial at grouping some potential teams. The session also provides practice at reading the energy threads and comparing notes. Teams can be formed based on many criteria – a shared interest or goal is the easiest. Other less obvious reasons work as well, some as simple as geographic convenience. Since Soul Teams do  not consist of a set number of players, even the team size is something to be sensed and questioned.


We start this explanation by reminding you of your manifesting concepts and skills. We want you to differentiate between EFFORT and STRUGGLE – there will surely be inspired effort as part of your team play, but make needed changes if struggle shows its face. Your best result is to always be going with the flow of the river, and working hard to paddle upstream is never a good plan. Your larger goal is not what you might think:

WHAT YOU DO doesn’t really matter; HOW YOU FEEL while you do it is everything. This is your primary reason to be here on Earth at this time.

As you can imagine, your team play is not measured like a sports game. There are no points or Gold Medals. There are shockwaves of high-vibration energy that emanate from successful gameplay – coming from the players, elevating the collective planetary energy level. We see many amazing outcomes that are tangible, as well, but these results are simply the wagging tails that come naturally on the energy dogs that come first.

Now for a little portrait of team play:

  • Clarity in communication is critical, each person keeping their communication zone cleaned up. Preferences are unabashedly stated, and everyone has the ability to say no (or yes).
  • Teams need player diversity for depth, so differences of opinion are considered useful rather than problematic.
  • The most common dialog structure is: “I see/sense/think (this) about (that). What to do you see/sense/think on this subject?” This leads to either confirmation or discovery of variances – either one advancing the gameplay.
  • Creative solutions are more useful than compromise; find a fresh way to do things that everyone likes.
  • Leadership is fluid, shifting to the individual who feels called at that time for a particular project segment. Power dramas are usually unnecessary, but can be resolved creatively if the need arises.
  • Each individual player works at following his/her own energy thread, while also seeking out connectivity points between themselves and teammates.


Just as football and baseball teams have specialized players for certain aspects of play, the same is true for the Game of Life on Earth. Below is a list of some common positions for Soul Teams. We are purposefully not giving detailed descriptions for these positions, just a phrase or two. We suggest that you ponder this list, and create your own understanding for each position listed. Also, please be aware that these can look quite different in action when different Essence Roles take them on, as well as when the players are on different sides of the Truth-Love-Energy triangulation. This adds great variety.

You are not restricted to a single position. In fact, within your Michael student family, most individuals have excellent skills at several positions. You may find yourself part of more than one soul team, and you may play different positions on each team. You may play multiple positions on a single team. You may fill in for another player who hasn’t shown up yet. This is all extremely flexible.

As you review this list of positions, consider which ones might apply to you. As you think about past events in your life, some may be quite obvious. You will likely have a natural skill or ability in this area, and it will reappear over and over in your life. We do not advise that you should have channeling done to tell you which position/s apply to you; this is best done by yourself, for yourself. It’s fine to use this as part of your team-building, but it can easily distract you and lead you astray. Following the energy thread is the key part, not making out a precise team roster.




A very active player, lots of movement is required to find and connect people/places/ideas.

HISTORIAN Not just a compiler of facts, but seeks to discern, organize and cohesively assemble the significant people/places/events. Highly useful for monitoring changes and reactions to long-term plans.


Sees all the upcoming pathways and possible timelines. Tomorrow is as real as today to them.


Draws forth or shows the pathway. (The two are very similar, but use differing mechanisms that lead to slightly different outcomes.)


Interested in the broad view and in structure, particularly as it currently exists. Useful at the beginning of a project, as you seek to find a good route to build a new road.


Not the same as the Mapmaker. Interested in creating something new that can be replicated.


Seeks to disrupt habituated patterns. Useful when the bus needs to make a turn, go a new direction.


Gets the word out. Example: Shirley Maclaine


Good at helping others raise their vibration.


Easy to spot, they emit love like a fire hose spews water.


Keeps the flock together and headed in the same direction. Collects strays.


Also easy to spot. High skill level means less resistance from recipients of the truth expressed, more truth “goes in.”


Interested in transformation, particularly when blending components.


Similar to a Soother, but the focus here is on distracting a distressed, destructive essence. Often, a babysitter is protecting a larger plan or team from being disrupted or destroyed. A tough job.


Takes on the toughest jobs of all, and loves it. Very uncommon, very tricky. Prone to injuries.


Another difficult one, also infrequently used. Not recommended as a good option at this time.


Prize #4 is a real doozie.  

This music video is a representation of what your group energy interplay looks like to observers not in physical form. The dynamic flow of the fractal patterns is complex and simple, freely moving and shifting while maintaining structure.  

The song is “Divine Moments of Truth/DMT” by Shpongle. 

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