The White House

(excerpt from Chapter 2, SEARCHING FOR LIGHT by Carol Heideman, 1994)

This term is a symbol, a metaphor that magnetizes and represents lightworkers currently on the planet. Everyone reading this book is most likely part of the White House, a very large group of souls who have carefully planned for this time in the planet’s growth. The initial group has long been seeking out additional souls to “join the club.” The plan is inclusion rather than exclusion; the goal is to let everybody play! There are over a million souls on the planet today who consider themselves part of this group. Our explanation of this metaphor will awaken some of you; others of you may now understand why certain images or visions appear in your meditations or your dreams. It is important to understand the complete history of your group in order to more fully appreciate the intricacy of your plans. One way to gather more joy from the energy shift is to observe the plans as they take shape. Advanced knowledge allows you to know what to watch for. Now you can enjoy seeing the outcome as it emerges.

The roots of your current plans lie at the beginning of all your incarnations on this planet, extending back to pre-history. A core group of lightworkers incarnated in a systematic way through thousands of centuries, with this time and place as the goal. Your group sought (and mostly accomplished) a particular level of spiritual growth in order to be in prime condition for your current experiment, the plan to elevate the spiritual level of the entire planet. Remember, you complete this plan only through synchronized individual action, achieving intense personal joy at the same time as multitudes of others do the same. This synchronized action creates a surge of joy energy that pulls the planet’s energy into a higher focus than would normally be available at this level. Earlier, we called this “going to 100 mph.”

At all critical times in Earth’s evolving pathway, your group was highly active. At each soul level, you sought to create new methods and techniques, ways to propel yourselves forward with more energy-efficiency than other souls at that level. Understand that speed is not really a valuable asset, particularly outside the time/space continuum. You are not seeking faster spiritual growth; you are seeking to create easier methods of spiritual growth. This is closely related to the definition of dharma that we provided in the first chapter. Remember that dharma is the energy saved by following cosmic principles, and uses the inherent nature of the Universe and yourself to promote efficient growth. During other intense energy periods for your planet (such as ancient Egyptian times, the years during and around the life of Jesus, and others), your group has been practicing constantly at creating dharma.

One particular episode during Earth’s life cycle, however, brought about a significant dharmic interlude. Your group had more success creating dharma during the peak years of Atlantis than during any other time period. The White House began there in Atlantis as an actual structure. The creation was a freestanding energy chamber that magnified internal thought patterns (similar to what a loudspeaker system does for voice patterns). The original White House was a crystalline structure about 25 feet square, similar in appearance to ancient Greek architecture. Columns of precision-charged crystals surrounded a central pedestal, which was formed by a single massive crystal. A person would enter the chamber, recline on the pedestal while carefully focusing all thought onto positive intentions and creations. For those with enough skill to focus their mind on only the positive, tremendous healing and manifesting would occur. However, even the slightest fear or negative thought would also magnify quickly, often causing severe problems, even death!

In managing the White House, your group discovered that you could not determine who should enter the chamber. At times, you actually forced people to enter the structure against their intuitive fearfulness of it, always with dire consequences. Please realize, you were almost all Young souls at this time. Young souls are busy gaining karma by testing their energy limits, so pushing others around in this manner was appropriate behavior for souls of your level. What you did next as a group, however, was an intense leap forward in spiritual growth … creating dharma! As a group, you determined that the White House should be left completely alone and open to all who would enter. You determined that any individuals passing by the structure would notice it only if drawn magnetically to its energy. They would then enter by personal choice. Even the subtle pressure of “advertising” the effects tended to draw forth those whom it would harm rather than help. Against the heavy control patterns of your age and society, you allowed your creation to operate unattended, with only natural cosmic forces at work.

Your group intensified the effect by building many more structures, leaving them to do their work without people there to control or monitor the chambers. Again, this went against the prevailing social and political mindset, which was based on following rules and heavy social controls. Over time, more than 5,000 individual chambers were constructed and programmed. As the healing chambers quietly did their work each day, positive energy levels on the planet multiplied tremendously. Results were dramatic, with individual souls jumping up three to five soul levels in one lifetime! This was an unprecedented spiritual leap for a group at your level! Shock waves were felt throughout the Universe, as the normal flow of energy was pleasantly disrupted by the “explosion” of high-grade dharmic energy moving out from Earth in all directions.

From the very beginning, your primary plans were for NOW, during the current influx of intensified planetary energies. Today’s activities were planned as the main course to follow that Atlantean appetizer. Because your group succeeded in accessing such a tremendous quantity of dharmic energy in one burst, today’s goals are entirely achievable. This is the shining moment – a result of your early stages of effort.

Your group concluded the Atlantis period, going out with a bang. You ended up with one of the largest karmic debt-loads of all time! The final explosion and destruction of Atlantis took many, many lifetimes to clean up; however, your group has completed that work in time for this energy shift. Now all thoughts and memories can return to the big dharmic success of the White House, rather than the big karmic lesson that followed! You intend to repeat the dharma, but without the karma this time!

This historical view is only one meaning of the White House metaphor, which is also a code representing your plans for the near future. Even the use of the term for the U.S. presidential mansion in Washington, D.C. has a coded meaning, for the political structures of the United States were designed and put in place by members of your group. In the astral realms, it was considered a fun way to make “White House” a commonly used term! Your group intends to provide catalysts for a multitude of social, political and economic world changes. Ultimately, these changes will occur gently but quickly, by using dharma. The impact will be felt worldwide, over a span of about 40 years. Of course, you are taking advantage of many natural cosmic forces – astrological energies (the Age of Aquarius and more), social and political energies (current timing brings your Baby Boom Innovation Generation into power), and non-physical energies (the energy shift). In addition, your plans reach across the globe using computer technology to link the members of your group. A single White House will become a village, then a city, then and a country… until the planet is filled with the same powerful dharma energy that emanated from your little chambers in Atlantis.

As the plans unfold, the single most important thing to remember at all times is this: If an action is not good for everyone involved, another solution must be created. No individual must suffer for the good of the group, or the dharmic goal is lessened in strength. Each person’s lifeplan must be completely joyful for the overall scheme to maintain itself. Such concerns will inevitably slow the process in the beginning. Intricate and detailed plans are being adjusted and executed NOW. The final preparation phase is happening for everyone! We have been asked by your Higher Selves to remind you of this need for harmony as you jostle your way into your place in line. Remember to look around for someone else that might need a little encouragement or assistance in getting that last bit of inner work completed.

You can learn more about your particular part in the White House group by using this image as part of your meditations or work with channeling. It may show up in your dreams. Ask your guides to show you whatever will help you to move forward with the plan. In all these instances, the concept serves as a symbol to unite your group toward your common positive goal.

Next, we will provide more details of your plans. There are several predictable changes we can explain, things that occur as a natural part of the energy shift. You will see these happening as Wave One people work to develop new energy methods never before used at this level. Earth will be a most interesting place for the next 200 years. Enjoy yourselves! This is the time you have awaited for eons!